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Easy Guide to Do Installation of Google Play Store on the IPhone for beginners!!!

People nowadays are highly dependent on their smartphones, highly due to intrigued apps. Mainly android and IOS products are prevailing in the marketplace for cell phones. The handling of android is easier than apple products.

We are assisting you in how you can install google play store on the iPhone for downloading your favorite apps for access. If you are a newbie to the iPhone, then consider taking a look into the details for better understanding.

Easy process for downloading google play store on iPhone

Let us take a look into the easy guide to download google play for iPhone within simple steps. For surfing google play content on your iPhone, all you need to do is to have the right apps within your phone.


Open web browser

The primary step that you need to perform is to visit the web browser of your iOS device. It is a practice and searches for the site called that can help you to proceed further.

Search for google play store

Once you have operated site on your iOS site, then you would be presented with several apps to browse. Now you need to search for the google play store.


Once you have found google play store, then tap over it. Now you would be asked to verify your iOS device. Here you need to be very precise while doing the verification and select the actual model of your iOS.

Get started

Once done with verification, then you would be required to download other Android apps on your device for removing the buggy background. By accessing it for a while, you can get started with google play store easily.

The bottom line

From the easy to understand details regarding google play on iPhone, you can surely practice downloading. It is essential to go through the appropriate procedure for not losing access to the iPhone while downloading google play on your iPhone.